Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Cloverthemes Themes for WordPress:

Can I use your themes with my free hosted account?

WordPress provides a number of quality themes that can be used on their free hosted accounts, but our themes are not included at the moment. This means that you can only use our themes on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Can I remove the credit links Designed by

Yes, you are allowed to remove the credit links. Keep in mind we do not allow Designed by Myself that is if you havent done major changes on your own to the design (which you are fully allowed to).

Do I need special software or system requirements to use your Themes?

You must have a self-hosted Domain and have WordPress installed on it. You should also have a basic understanding of WordPress or start learning it right away to better manage your blog. Beyond that, learning how to use an FTP program and having a good text editor for changing code are beneficial.

What does the All-Themes package include?

When you purchase the All-Themes package, you will receive access to and support for all current Cloverthemes themes available on this website. This also covers any future themes that we release, so if you purchase the package and a week later a new theme is available, you will receive access to that as well.

Are there any restrictions to your themes?

If you purchase any single theme or All-Themes package from this website you are able to use the theme(s) as many times as you’d like, and on as many websites as you’d like. The purchase of theme packages on this website allows you lifetime use of the themes as well as access to the support forum {unless you are banned for not following the forum rules}. In other words, we do not restrict use to a specific number of sites or a specific period of time in which they can be used.

What is a Single License?

Single License allows you to use the purchased theme on a single domain (website). Standard Licenses cost $69.95 US dollars per theme.

Can I sell websites using your themes?

Absolutely, you are more than welcome to use the themes that are available on our site to develop full websites that can be sold. We do not restrict the use of our themes with turnkey sites, and certainly can’t forbid you from selling a site of your own that you built using one of our themes.

What kind of license do your themes have?

The CSS, XHTML PHP, design and any other elements of the Cloverthemes themes are released under the GPL license and are in total compliance to standards set forth by the authors of that license as well as with WordPress. Theme support will only be given to those who purchase a theme package.

How Payment Works : Paypal

cloverthemes payment
Transactions are handled through paypal but you don't need a paypal account to buy this theme. Any credit or debit card will do!


You can find detailed installation and setup instructions for our themes on our support page.

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