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Why should you use our wordpress themes?

In short, our themes are unique, clean and efficient with several key customization and content management options. Basically, you get everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.

The wordpress is no longer a simple platform for blogging now, more and more people use it as CMS, a functional CMS, YES! Because of it flexibility, you can do more with it. With wordpress, you can create professional websites. No matter a small business websites, you can create a huge website use wordpress, and a lot huge websites do run on wordpress!

  1. Our themes are unique,clean. We create unique themes for you;
  2. Our themes are easy to use. With theme options, you can control all the layouts, no matter you know htm, CSS or not.Just some clicks. You can get support if you have purchased our themes.
  3. Our themes are search engine optimized. The seo is very important these days, if you want to get more free traffic from search engine, you should find a good theme with good seo features. Our themes are good with seo.
  4. Our themes are easy to customize. You can create a different layout if you know CSS easily with our themes.
  5. Good support. We know the support is the most important part of business. You can get full support from us if you have purchased our themes.

How Payment Works : Paypal

cloverthemes payment
Transactions are handled through paypal but you don't need a paypal account to buy this theme. Any credit or debit card will do!


You can find detailed installation and setup instructions for our themes on our support page.

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